Ableton Live 10 - First Look

At London's We Are Robots conference      03/11/17

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Yesterday's big news that Ableton have announced Live 10 - after a four year wait from when Live 9 was released.

Live 10 represents quite a lot of under the hood work, but also features several new devices, workflow enhancements, and a re-integration of Max for Live which greatly improves load times and CPU efficiency. We spoke with product specialist Jesse Abayamo who took us through some of the features.

New devices:

  • Wavetable is a new synth.With a variety of waveforms derived from analog synths and a range of other instruments and sounds, as well as modeled analog filters, and, flexible modulation.
  • Echo delivers sounds from classic analog and digital textures to diffused soundscapes, wailing feedback and other experimental atmospheres.
  • Drum Buss is an all-in-one drum sculpting tool for adding warmth, adjusting transient response, injecting low end and more.
  • Pedal features three separate circuit-level models of overdrive, distortion and fuzz guitar pedals. Not just for guitars, it excels at warming up vocals, driving synth sounds or smashing drums
Live 10 is available as Beta to registered Live 9 users and will be released in Q1 2018 - pricing and upgrade paths to be announced.


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