Podcast: Sonic TALK147 - The Synth Whos Name Cannot Be Spoken

Melodyne DNA, D16 Group, Lilly Allen and the FAC more      24/09/09

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59:1 mins

With Rich Hilton off to NYC to take a look at the V-Piano, Noneric  from MusoTalk.de has jumped in to tell us about his experiences with the new Melodyne DNA Beta, Dave Spiers from GForce Software has also spent a little time getting with the program, leaving Mark Tinley - sound designer and thinker and myself to ponder it's impact.

Obviously, we start with the news that Melodyne DNA has reached Beta and enjoy hearing of Noneric and Dave's experiences, then  breifly, Digidesign's Eleven, followed by the great download debate. Which leads us to explore some interesting taxation concepts and a workable charging model for Spotify, we then discover the joys of D16 Group's SH101tor, who's name cannot be spoken in civilized company, which takes us into aliasing and other esoteric conversational strata.

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Greg66666    Said...

All your voices sounded a little lower than usual. Is there any inadvertent pitchshifting in the digital conversion going on?

24-Sep-09 12:04 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show, it was cool to be listening to the live recording again! Funny thing: re-listening to it I hear all kinds of stuff that I missed yesterday. Funny that. Must have been caught up in the chat window! :-)

24-Sep-09 12:37 PM

Nick B    Said...

yeah something wierd happened with the SR this week, not sure what..

25-Sep-09 03:51 AM

Krakli    Said...

I was impressed that Mark was able to remember the name of the self-built spectrum sampler, I also made one (housed in an old guitar stomp box) and had some terrific samples on it including a really nice vocal sample that I've never been able to reproduce on 'better' gear. Any chance that Mark or any of the others remember something called the Spectrum Music Group that used to release Audio cassettes including what may be received as the precusor to the audio podcast..

01-Oct-09 09:41 AM

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