Podcast: Sonic TALK153 - Weezer Snuggies Space Rockers

DSP Stuff, Weezer Snuggie, cute little beatboxes, TeamDNR      12/11/09

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68:41 mins

In a week of freezing fog here in the UK, it's just like the olden days of Victorian smog (not this I'd know of course), we remind ourselves that we are in fact in the 21st Century with our weekly Music Tech Talk.

Joining me this week are Dave Robinson - editor of Pro Sound News Europe,  PJ Tracy - Emmy winning composer and studio owner, Dave Spiers of GForce Software - taking time out from creating virtual instruments and Rich Hilton - Grammy winning engineer, producer and player.

Our show begins with the Peavey/Waves IPR amp collaboration and also the Eleven Rack from Avid/Digidesign, Weezer's Snuggie promo caper then Eric Archer's Andromeda Space Rockers - the excellent little analog drum doo-dahs. Kurzweil make a return with the PC3LE6, the TeamDNR MixControl plug gets tested (in fact, its used on this show on all voices), then its out with an ambient bang with the Soundwalk.com pieces.

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robgs    Said...

Going back on last week and the Disney audio - wouldn't they be using some kind of SMPTE set up? after all they are a movie company and the ride is similar to a projector with cogs and sprockets, etc. wouldn't be too hard to rig up some tape loops and sync them to the ride.

12-Nov-09 06:30 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah good point Rob, they might indeed. I would imagine it would or might be easier just to have a massive track count on some kind of HD based loop playback, I imagine that there must be SMPTE to sync the animatronics and the speed/progress of the boats too

12-Nov-09 06:36 AM

www.soundclick.com/GuruOne    Said...

Good show, chaps :P

Took a break from programming and did this riff.... Enjoy


Hmmm.... haven't written anything for years now.... I must be officially retired from music.... LOL



(ps. Feel free to mirror it)

12-Nov-09 10:30 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Nice show again, Nick! So when are the Sonic State snuggies coming? :-)

13-Nov-09 02:46 PM

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