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MESSE 2017: AKG Launches Foldable Studio Headphones
K275, K245, and K175 are designed for for musicians and audio professionals on the go

05-Apr-17    full story...

NAMM 2017: Handheld Vocal Mic With Innovative Features
AKG unveils the C636 Master Reference Handheld Condenser Microphone

23-Jan-17    full story...

AKG's Flagship Closed-Back Headphones Ship
K872 master reference headphones are the culmination of almost 70 years of expertise

12-Sep-16    full story...

MESSE 2016: AKG Mic For Studio-Quality Sound On Stage
AKG Launches C7 Reference Condenser Vocal Microphone

05-Apr-16    full story...

Multi-Pattern Matched Condenser Pair
AKG C314 dual-diaphragm condenser microphone matched pairs are now available

13-Aug-15    full story...

Complete Drum Micing For Under 250 quid
AKG Drum Set Session I drum microphone set is now available in the UK

15-Jun-15    full story...

Two AKG Mics Ship
D112 MKII kick drum mic and C314 dual-diaphragm condenser are now available

10-Jun-15    full story...

Reference Class DJ headphones
AKG unveils K181 DJ UE

21-Apr-15    full story...

MESSE 2015: New AKG Studio MIcrophone
C314 dual-diaphragm condenser microphone unveiled

15-Apr-15    full story...

MESSE 2015: New Version Of Classic Kick Drum Mic
AKG introduces the D112 MKII with flexible mount

15-Apr-15    full story...

Buy A Tube Mic, Get Free Headphones
Free AKG K121 headphones with new AKG P820 Microphone in UK/ROI

05-Jan-15    full story...

AKG Adds Wireless Mic Options
New APS4 Antenna Power Splitter can be operated in an extended frequency range

12-Dec-14    full story...

AKG Expands Project Studio Microphone Line
Five new affordable microphones announced, including dual-capsule tube mic

30-Jun-14    full story...

AKG Unveils New Headphones
Y-Series offers an increased focus on design, comfort and portability

13-Jun-14    full story...

The World's Largest Online Music Contest
AKG presents Global Rockstar 2014

26-Mar-14    full story...

AKG Flagship Reference Headphones Now Available
AKG K812 open-back headphones reach the UK

06-Mar-14    full story...

AKG Launches Flagship Reference Headphones
K812 - 5 years in the making

09-Oct-13    full story...

New Version Of AKG Condenser Available
AKG C1000 S mk IV ships in the UK

13-Jun-13    full story...

Top-Of-The-Line Studio Headphones From AKG
K712 PRO and K612 PRO now available in the UK

07-Jun-13    full story...

MESSE13: New AKG Power Supply For Condenser Mics
B48 L battery power supply offers more than 20 hours of performance

10-Apr-13    full story...

WNAMM13: AKG Updates The C1000 S
AKG releases mk4 version of their small diaphragm condenser mic

29-Jan-13    full story...

Global Rockstar Song Contest
Win studio and live sound prize packages from AKG

17-Oct-12    full story...

New Kick Drum Mic Is Available Now
AKG D12VR premium drum microphone arrives in the UK

16-Oct-12    full story...

AKG Launches New Signature Headphone Line
DJ and producer TIËSTO teams up with AKG to design high-performance headphones

20-Sep-12    full story...

AKG Limited Edition Mic And Headphones
65-year celebration continues with the release of anniversary edition C451 Mics and K702 Headphones

12-Sep-12    full story...

The D12 Makes A Comeback
AKG introduces the D12 VR dynamic cardioid kick drum mic

10-Sep-12    full story...

AKG Introduce Perception Wireless
New wireless microphone system features up to 8 selectable UHF frequencies

08-Mar-11    full story...

WNAMM11: AKG Introduce Groove Pack Drum Mic Set
Six microphones for bass, drum and overhead positioning

14-Jan-11    full story...

AKG's First USB-Equipped Microphone Ships
Perception 120 USB is available now

23-Jul-10    full story...

AKG Scholarship Of Sound
European candidates are invited to submit their applications

18-May-10    full story...

App Supports AKG Wireless Microphone And IEM Systems
New iPhone App is designed to deliver freedom, flexibility and functionality for mobile monitoring

11-Feb-10    full story...

AKG Honoured
Company to receive Technical Grammy Award for Contribution To Recording Arts And Sciences

05-Jan-10    full story...

AKG Big Themselves Up
The company say that their microphones have rocked the music world in 2009

14-Dec-09    full story...

Harman Professional Unwraps End-Of-Year Audio Rebates
Seasonal offers on gear from JBL, AKG, Soundcraft, dbx, Lexicon and Crown Audio

24-Nov-09    full story...

New Stage Mics From AKG
Perception Live series launched

08-Oct-09    full story...

Studio Mic Performance With Desktop Convenience
AKG announces the Perception 120 USB microphone

06-Oct-09    full story...

New Tube Mic Ships
AKG Perception 820 Tube microphone is now available

29-Jun-09    full story...

MESSE09: Classic Pencil Mic Reincarnated
AKG introduces the C 747 V11 Microphone at Musikmesse

03-Apr-09    full story...

MESSE09: Complete Drum Micing Set
AKG introduce the Rhythm Pack with kick , snare, tom and overhead mics

03-Apr-09    full story...

MESSE09: AKG Redesigns C3000
AKG introduces redesigned C 3000 condenser for both studio and stage

03-Apr-09    full story...

MESSE09: Reference Class Dynamic Microphone
AKG announces new limited edition D 7 LTD vocal microphone

01-Apr-09    full story...

MESSE09: New AKG Tube Mic
AKG unveils the Perception 820 Tube Microphone

01-Apr-09    full story...

WNAMM09: New Wireless Mic System
AKG launches revolutionary DMS 700 Digital Wireless System

20-Jan-09    full story...

WNAMM09: AKG Launches C 214 Stereo Set
Mic pair offers consistency and accurate localization

17-Jan-09    full story...

The World's Smallest Switchable Wireless Transmitter
AKG launches the GuitarBug

12-Jan-09    full story...

AKG Announces 700-MHz Wireless Rebate Program
$100 dollars when you trade in for a WMS 450

12-Dec-08    full story...

Affordable Condenser Mic
AKG introduces LC: versatile Light Condenser Premium Vocal Microphone for every application

27-Nov-08    full story...

  AES08: AKG’s New C214 Mic
Mid-price mic for the Noughties

23-May-08    full story...

AES08: A 414 For The Budget Conscious?
AKGlaunches new C214 microphonein the tradition of the C414

20-May-08    full story...

WNAMM08: AKG Revamps Headphone Line
Higher levels of performance offered

18-Jan-08    full story...

WNAMM08: AKG Announces New D 4 Stage Microphone
Designed for drums, percussion, wind instruments and guitar amps

17-Jan-08    full story...

Five Versions Of Wireless System
AKG big up their easy to use WMS 450 wireless system

02-Jul-07    full story...

Vocals Without Wires
AKG launch wireless versions of the C5 and D5 vocal microphones

28-Jun-07    full story...

But Will It Match My Lipstick?
AKG unveils Elle C microphone optimized for female vocal performance

05-Apr-07    full story...

MESSE07: New AKG Condenser Mic
AKG announces Perception 150 professional small diaphragm microphone

30-Mar-07    full story...

WNAMM07: Miniature AKG Mics
New MicroMic Series consists of five new models

30-Jan-07    full story...

WNAMM07: AKG Introduces Latest In-Ear Monitoring System
IVM 4 makes its debut

24-Jan-07    full story...

WNAMM07: New Vocal Mics From AKG
AKG Acoustics unveils new C5 and D5 Live Performance Microphones

23-Jan-07    full story...

WNAMM07: AKG Launch Limited Edition C414
New version of classic recording mic features unique styling and hand-selected components

19-Jan-07    full story...

SNAMM06: Pro Wireless Systems From AKG
AKG says that the WMS 40 PRO range provides a reliable, economical wireless solution for any application

26-Jul-06    full story...

SNAMM06: AKG Launch Third Mic In Perception Range
Perception 400 – large diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser - makes its debut

25-Jul-06    full story...

AKG Introduce Two New Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics
Nicely Priced For Home Studio Vocal Recording

14-Dec-05    full story...

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