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NAMM 2017: Elektron Debuts Digitakt 8-track Drum Machine And Sampler
Described as a Beat Making Powerhouse and coming this spring

19-Jan-17    full story...

Elektron Wants To Show You Something New
Blurry picture teases new gear to be announced at the NAMM show

17-Jan-17    full story...

Elektron Updates Overbridge For Analog Heat
Version 1.15 adds support for the Analog Heat stereo analog sound processor and more

15-Dec-16    full story...

Elektron Analog Heat As A Master Filter
Video demonstrates the new hardware unit filtering full tracks like a DJ would do

18-Nov-16    full story...

Elektron Analog Heat In Action
Cuckoo presents a video tutorial and demo of the new sound processing device

07-Nov-16    full story...

Distortion Stompbox For Your Monosynth
Elektron's Analog Drive features eight different analog distortion circuits

03-Nov-16    full story...

  The Big Elektron Analog Heat Video
We get a detailed look at the new analog processor from Elektron

24-Oct-16    full story...

Elektron Launches Analog Sound Processor
Analog Heat is a both a stereo audio enhancer and audio destroyer

21-Sep-16    full story...

50 Minutes Of Elektrons In Action
Live set features Elektron synths exclusively

25-Aug-16    full story...

Elektron Overbridge Wins Design Award
Red Dot: Best of the Best

22-Aug-16    full story...

Goodbye Machinedrum And Monomachine
It's your last chance to buy as Elektron discontinues drum machine/sampler and synth

15-Jun-16    full story...

Elektron Updates Add 12 New Sound Engines To Rytm
Major Overbridge and Analog OS rollouts announced

29-Apr-16    full story...

Elektron Machines For Less
Company announces permanent price reductions on the Machinedrum and Monomachine

11-Feb-16    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Presentation - Elektron Software Updates
Overbridge 1.10, Elektron Analog Firmwares

15-Jan-16    full story...

Elektron Introduces Audio/CV Split Cable Kit
Signal splitting solution for modular users and added functionality for Elektron synths

17-Dec-15    full story...

Elektron Announces Second Elektron Grammofon Release
Proceeds from The Bug vs. Sleng Teng 12-inch vinyl record go to charity

30-Nov-15    full story...

Elektron Introduces Overhub
A USB hub tailored for Overbridge, but equally useful in other computer studio setups

02-Sep-15    full story...

Elektron Analog Machines For Less
Elektron announces Overbridge Discount with 15% off on Analog Rytm, Keys and Four

14-Aug-15    full story...

First Release From Elektron Grammofon
Strictly limited one-off pressing of 300 copies features Plaid

12-Aug-15    full story...

VHS Tape Sounds For Analog Rytm
Elektron releases the VHS Crosstalk Sound Pack

04-Aug-15    full story...

Elektron Announces Overbridge Public Beta
Software suite combines Elektron Analog instruments with your computer and DAW

05-Jun-15    full story...

Legowelt Samples For Analog Rytm
Elektron releases Legowelt Studio Sound Pack

22-May-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Elektron Overbridge VST Editor- Working
Working plug-in editor on show

18-Apr-15    full story...

Elektron Analog Four Meets A Modular
Videos show how to use Elektron's 4-voice synth to control a modular

30-Mar-15    full story...

Yaybahar Meets Elektrons
New video shows freshly-invented acoustic instrument in a jam with Elektron machines

13-Mar-15    full story...

New Patches For Elektron Synths
Floppydisk Pirates create 128 patches for the Analog Keys and Four

26-Feb-15    full story...

Elektron Launches Record Label
A home for 12-inch vinyl records by artists using Elektron instruments

19-Feb-15    full story...

New Patterns And Kits For Analog Rytm
Future House SoundPack from Biome Digital released

16-Feb-15    full story...

  NAMM 2015: Elektron Overbridge Update
Audio routing and a sneak of the UI for the editor

23-Jan-15    full story...

New Analog Keys And Monomachine Sounds
Elektron announces two new Sound packs

12-Jan-15    full story...

Analog Rytm In Action
Elektron launches Workflow video series

12-Dec-14    full story...

Elektron Announces The Black Weeks campaign
All Elektron machines discounted by 15%

28-Nov-14    full story...

Win An Analog Four
Just follow Elektron's Instagram account and crack the riddles

18-Nov-14    full story...

Octatrack Is Back
Elektron's performance sampler is available again with new OS and sounds

21-Oct-14    full story...

150 New Patches For Analog Four/Keys
Elektron releases Biopads sound pack

10-Oct-14    full story...

Elektron Releases More Analog Rytm Sounds
Reshaped Harmonics sound pack features synth, bass, FX, processed vocals, kicks and snares

18-Sep-14    full story...

128 Free Patches For Elektron Synths
Elektron announces Depth & Vision Sound Pack for Analog Four and Keys

12-Sep-14    full story...

909 Sounds For Analog Rytm
Elektron and Goldbaby put together a new sound pack

29-Aug-14    full story...

Sidstation Sampled For Analog Rytm
Elektron releases SID Redux sound pack

15-Aug-14    full story...

808 Sounds For Analog Rytm
Elektron releases the Straight 808 Sound pack

04-Aug-14    full story...

  Elektron - From SID to RYTM - A Brief History
We have many of the machines right here

04-Jun-14    full story...

  Presentation: Elektron Analog RYTM
Analog drum machine with sample playback

20-May-14    full story...

Elektron Updates Analog Rytm
OS 1.01 introduces two new machines - FM Bass and Snare Drums

19-May-14    full story...

Analog Keys Jam Video
Elektron Synth is put through its paces by Jacob Molander

09-May-14    full story...

Elektron Analog Rytm Now Available
8 voice analog drum machine is now shipping

24-Apr-14    full story...

Elektron Reveals Details Of Analog Rytm
See the specs and hear the demos of the new 8 voice analog drum machine

31-Mar-14    full story...

  MESSE 2014: Elektron Overbridge Links All Analog Machines to DAW (Video)
Turns out the USB does have audio after all..

12-Mar-14    full story...

  Elektron Analog Keys Review
Swedish synthesis at its finest?

05-Mar-14    full story...

Indie Dance Sounds For Octatrack
Octa Pak 6 Sound Pack is 1980s and disco-inspired

21-Feb-14    full story...

Elektron Analog 4 -Childsplay To Use - Check out this 7 Year Old
Kid does Depeche Mode

03-Feb-14    full story...

  NAMM 2014: Elektron Analog RYTM Drum Machine
Analog drum synth with sample layer

23-Jan-14    full story...

NAMM 2014: Elektron Mystery Box
Elektron opens their NAMM 2014 goodie box!

17-Jan-14    full story...

See Elektron's Analog Keys In Action... a new YouTube video

23-Dec-13    full story...

Major Analog Four Update
Elektron releases new OS with polyphony, resonance boost, and MIDI multi map changes

20-Dec-13    full story...

Elektron Jam
Analog Keys fed into the Octatrack - watch the video

02-Dec-13    full story...

Elektron Analog Keys - its Official
Four voice synth is announced

26-Nov-13    full story...

More Elektron Analog Keys Info
KNob tweaking video

26-Nov-13    full story...

Elektron Analog Keys - Video of Launch
Its a four voice

23-Nov-13    full story...

New Elektron Machine Coming Soon
To be announced in Berlin at the Night of Machines party

12-Nov-13    full story...

Hell Bent On Circuits
New sound pack for the Octatrack

09-Sep-13    full story...

The Elektronauts Are Coming
Elektron announces the start of a new community

04-Sep-13    full story...

Get Your Octatrack Kicks
Elektron releases Utility Kicks sound pack for the Octatrack

28-Aug-13    full story...

FX Sounds For The Octatrack
Elektron announces Ultimate FX Sound Pack

19-Aug-13    full story...

Turn On Your Octatrack And Chill Out
Elektron releases Chillwave Sound Pack for the Octatrack

05-Jul-13    full story...

New Lo-Fi Sounds For Octatrack
Elektron Music Machines releases the Nintari Flashback Sound pack

14-Jun-13    full story...

Elektron Octatrack Updated
OS 1.25 adds three new effects

03-Jun-13    full story...

Elektron Releases New Octatrack Sound Pack
Yard Sale Gear from Goldbaby features instruments you might find in the attic

17-May-13    full story...

Elektron Post Product Presentations
Cenk introduces the whole gang

29-Apr-13    full story...

Elektron Releases Two New Sound Packs For Octatrack
808 and 909 sounds from Goldbaby plus some house samples from Loopmasters

19-Apr-13    full story...

Elektron And Goldbaby Collaborate On New Octatrack Sound Pack
Cult of SP 1200 offers old school vibes

18-Mar-13    full story...

Elektron Analog Four OS Update
More functions, bug fixes etc

18-Feb-13    full story...

DnB Samples And Loops For Octatrack
Elektron releases Octa Pak 4 - Drum & Bass

11-Feb-13    full story...

  Product Presentation - Elektron Analog Four
Four mono-voices, CV, effects and complex sequencer

11-Jan-13    full story...

Analog Four Sound Packs
Elektron offers five free sound packs to all Analog Four owners

21-Dec-12    full story...

Elektron Post More Analog Four Sounds, Video
Lets have a listen then...

19-Nov-12    full story...

What Elektron Were Teasing Us About
Elektron unveils Analog Four, a 4 Voice Synthesizer

15-Nov-12    full story...

Elektron Tease For Imminent New Instrument
Sounds like it could be a synth

06-Nov-12    full story...

Elektron Releases Memorial Album
Actual Memories is a fund-raising compilation in memory of the founder of the Elektron users forum

22-Oct-12    full story...

Elektron Back To School Campaign
Lower prices on Machinedrum UW, Octatrack and Monomachine

07-Sep-12    full story...

More In the Octatrack Pro Tip Series From Elektron
How to rearrange a sample with Slice and Chromatic

27-Jul-12    full story...

Octatrack Update
Elektron release a new OS and make the manual available for download

07-Feb-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Elektron Octatrak
Shipping in a matter of days

20-Jan-11    full story...

Octatrack News
Elektron announce new film, product page and pre-orders

20-Dec-10    full story...

Octatrack Pricing And Availability Announced
Elektron's dynamic performance sampler will be available in time for Christmas

19-Nov-10    full story...

More Octatrack Features Revealed
This week it's all about LFOs

08-Nov-10    full story...

More Octatrack Features
Elektron reveal more about their Octatrack DPS-1 dynamic performance sampler

01-Nov-10    full story...

Elektron Octatrack Previewed
Elektron spill the beans on their forthcoming Dynamic Performance Sampler

25-Oct-10    full story...

  MESSE10: Elektron Octatrack Sampler & Sequencer
Live sample manipulation and performance

29-Mar-10    full story...

  MESSE10: Elektron +Drive
Increase Your Memory With Elektron's Plus Drive

25-Mar-10    full story...

MESSE10: Revolutionary Sampler
Elektron introduce the Octatrack

24-Mar-10    full story...

Elektron Website Redesigned
Jarre, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Orbital interviews online

08-Jul-08    full story...

Tribute To Elektron Founder
45 Tribute music compilation pays homage to the late Daniel Hansson

16-Apr-08    full story...

  MESSE08:Elektron Mark II Machines
Monomachine and MachineDrum sget some love

17-Mar-08    full story...

New Machinedrum And Monomachine
Elektron announce details of the MKII versions

13-Nov-07    full story...

Last Chance To Buy A Monomachine SFX-6
Elektron discontinue the keyboard-equipped version but have some left to sell through their website

10-Oct-07    full story...

MachineDrum, MonoMachine Creator Dies
Loss of visionary instrument maker Daniel Hansson

28-Aug-07    full story...

MIDI - Ten Times Faster
Elektron introduce Turbo MIDI

03-Oct-06    full story...

  Elektron Release New MachineDrum with Sampling
New brain adds sampling and more

17-Apr-05    full story...

Sidstation Resurrected One More Time
Hard to find chips sourced, 100 more to be made.

10-Mar-05    full story...

Elektron Announce Major Machinedrum OS Update
The best just got better

01-Dec-04    full story...

  WNAMM04: Mighty Monomachine Comes To Anaheim
And gets it’s own really swanky hotel room

19-Jan-04    full story...

MESSE: See Ya Sid(station)
Last 100 to be made

11-Mar-03    full story...

MESSE: Elektron MonoMachine On Show
Behind the glass case

05-Mar-03    full story...

Elektron Let Slip New MonoMachine
Pics from the labs hint at new synth

10-Feb-03    full story...

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