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Field Recorder Updated
Edirol R-09HR v2.0 software announced

07-Oct-09    full story...

Edirol Update R-44 OS
Effects and BWF markers and more.

08-Jun-09    full story...

EDIROL And Cakewalk At Unique Beats festival
One-day festival in Scotland is dedicated to promoting all forms of electronic music making

21-May-09    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Portable Recorders - Edirol R-09HR
Edirol's finest handheld?

13-May-09    full story...

  MESSE09: Edirol & Cakewalk Round Up
The VS100 & VS700C Are Announced

03-Apr-09    full story...

MESSE09: Headphones For Hand-Held Recorder
EDIROL launch RH-ED1 in-ear headphones for R-09HR portable recorder

01-Apr-09    full story...

VS-700 UK Tour
Cakewalk and Edirol take flagship VS-700 on the road

30-Mar-09    full story...

Edirol And Cakewalk News
Edirol and Cakewalk to announce new products at Musikmesse 2009

23-Mar-09    full story...

Entry-Level Video Performance Tool
EDIROL ship the P-10 Visual Presenter

01-Sep-08    full story...

Portable Stereo Recorder Updated
EDIROL release a software update for the R-09HR field recorder

14-Aug-08    full story...

EDIROL Digital Recorder Giveaway
One R-09HR to be given away weekly in summer drawing

21-Jul-08    full story...

Edirol Improve USB Audio Interface
UA-25EX with pro studio extras succeeds the UA-25

16-Jun-08    full story...

EDIROL VJ Challenge
EDIROL challenge Europe’s best VJs to a live showcase at the London International Music Show

13-May-08    full story...

  SonicLab: Edirol R-09HR Portable Recorder First Look
New resolution and features - does it make the grade?

04-Apr-08    full story...

  MESSE08:Edirol P10 Video Groovebox/Sampler
Trigger clips in real-time

18-Mar-08    full story...

  MESSE08:Edirol Update the R09 Personal Recorder to HR
R09HR – it’s high res you know.

17-Mar-08    full story...

MESSE08: High-Resolution Portable Recording
R-09HR is the new flagship of the Edirol R-series recorders

14-Mar-08    full story...

WNAMM08: DAW Control Added To Digital Mixer
Edirol update the M-16DX to version 2.0

22-Jan-08    full story...

  WNAMM08: 4-Channel Recording Anywhere
A first glimpse of the Edirol R-44 solid-stae recorder on video

22-Jan-08    full story...

WNAMM08: 4-Channel Portable Recorder
Edirol Announce the R-44 digital field recorder

18-Jan-08    full story...

E-mu Module Sounds In Software
Classic E-mu hardware module sounds now available for Cakewalk’s Dimension

19-Nov-07    full story...

Mixer Becomes a DAW Controller
Version 2.0 software adds control surface function to EDIROL’s M-16DX

16-Nov-07    full story...

EDIROL Embrace Leopard
New Mac OS driver downloads now available for their entire range

09-Nov-07    full story...

Upgrade To SONAR 7 And Win A Prize
Mixer, keyboard and soft synths up for grabs in EDIROL’s UK draw

21-Sep-07    full story...

Free Accessories With Digital Recorder
Edirol announce new summer deal for the R-09 stereo recorder

10-Aug-07    full story...

Red, White and Black
Edirol R-09 stereo recorder in new colours and with new accessories

07-Mar-07    full story...

  WNAMM07: Perfectly Portable Mixer
Edirol launch the mains or battery-powered M-10MX

30-Jan-07    full story...

  WNAMM07: Edirol Launch New Keyboard Controllers
PCR-300, 500 and 800 have more physical controls than previous models

30-Jan-07    full story...

  WNAMM07: Two New Digital Mixers From Edirol
10 and 16 channel 24-bit/96kHz mixers make their debut

23-Jan-07    full story...

WNAMM07: Edirol's Mini Recorder Sees Red
Ultra-portable R-09 now in red and white

20-Jan-07    full story...

  AES06: Edirol R-4 Recorder Goes Pro
SMPTE, USB and more

05-Jun-06    full story...

  Edirol's R-09 WAV/MP3 Mini Recorder Ships
It's tiny and very cool

11-May-06    full story...

MESSE06: Edirol Launch USB Powered Speakers
For notebook computers – MA-1EX bypasses the internal soundcard

31-Mar-06    full story...

MESSE06: New Compact Audio Interface From Edirol
UA-1EX USB audio Interface - a portable solution for laptops

31-Mar-06    full story...

MESSE06: Plug’n Play With Edirol
Edirol Introduces Three USB MIDI Interfaces

29-Mar-06    full story...

  WNAMM06: Play Video Like a Musical Instrument
Do it with Edirol’s Motion Dive .Tokyo Performance Package

04-Feb-06    full story...

  WNAMM06: Edirol launch R-09 WAV/MP3 recorder
Pristine 24-Bit recording on the move

20-Jan-06    full story...

NAMM06: Edirol’s Affordable All-In-One Mobile Recording Suite
UA-4FX USB audio/MIDI interface pushes the price/performance envelope

19-Jan-06    full story...

Roland To Distribute Edirol in the USA
More movements from the upper floors

15-Nov-05    full story...

Edirol Releases Full 64-bit Drivers
Now out of Beta - version 1.0

03-Oct-05    full story...

  SNAMM05: Edirol- New V-LINK Compatible Visual Performance Package
Edirol and Digitalstage collaborate

22-Jul-05    full story...

SNAMM05: Edirol have USB Multi-Channel Audio Support For Mac OSX Tiger
Edirol Get In There First

22-Jul-05    full story...

Edirol Has 5 New Products
Didn't even wait for Summer NAMM

11-Jul-05    full story...

  MESSE05: Edirol Visual Synthesizer Launched
CG-8 uses images as oscillators

12-Apr-05    full story...

  MESSE05: Visual Synth? What The **** Is That?
Innovative Edirol CG-8 Visual Synthesizer revealed

07-Apr-05    full story...

  MESSE05: Edirol Announces Two New Keyboard Controllers
49 Note and 61 Note USB MIDI keyboards

06-Apr-05    full story...

Edirol R-4 Portable Field Recorder Updated and Shipping
BWF Support (broadcast WAV format)

21-Mar-05    full story...

Edirol goes on the road with Apple
Apple Tour uses Edirol kit

25-Feb-05    full story...

Edirol - when I'm 64 (er... bit)
Updates Drivers for 64-bit Applications

23-Feb-05    full story...

NAMM: Edirol UM-880 and UM-550
MIDI interface and standalone patchbay

23-Jan-05    full story...

NAMM: New MIDI Controllers From Edirol
PCR-M Series Debuts

22-Jan-05    full story...

  WNAMM05: Edirol Introduces Compact 24-bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Interface
Latest in FA Series Ups The Ante...

21-Jan-05    full story...

  Edirol R-1 Mini Recorder Ships
Super nifty 2-track MP3/WAV

17-Jan-05    full story...

Edirol Support Legacy Mac OS For FA101 FireWire Interface
Good on ‘em I say

23-Dec-04    full story...

Edirol Update Panther Drivers
10 more interfaces given the CoreAudio magic

16-Nov-04    full story...

AES: Edirol’s New 4 Channel Portable Digital Recorder
24bit 96kHz, with built in editor too

29-Oct-04    full story...

Edirol’s New Portable WAVE/MP3 Recorder
Edirol R-1 - compact, it records to Compact Flash too

29-Sep-04    full story...

New Edirol UA-25 Ships
Nice package eh?

01-Sep-04    full story...

  SNAMM04: New Hi-Res USB I/Face From Edirol
2 channels of 24-bit 96kHz & MIDI

20-Jul-04    full story...

  WNAMM04: Edirol Enter FireWire Market With FA-101
Compact interface, bus powered with 10 i/o

16-Jan-04    full story...

  WNAMM04: More Mobility with the Edirol PCR-1
MIDI Controller & Audio Interface in slimline form

16-Jan-04    full story...

Edirol Add PCR Templates For DP And Logic
Download and stick ‘em in

27-Oct-03    full story...

A Brace Of Updates From Edirol
12 of 'em

08-Aug-03    full story...

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